How To Watch Live Cricket Sony Six HD For Free

Sony Six is India’s most premier sports channel solely targeting Cricket. As we all know Cricket is the most favorite sports in India so there is a huge demand for a sports channel that focuses cricket. You can watch cricket on Sony Six HD live. Sony Six HD has bought all the cricket rights of India when playing outside of home grounds as well as Pakistan’s cricket team.

Whenever the Indian team is playing outside of India then most probably you can catch the live cricket action on Sony Six HD. Same is the case for the Pakistani cricket team. Pakistan and India are the powerhouses of cricket and most followed cricket teams in the world.

How To Watch Sony Six HD Live?

Well, the most obvious option is to watch Sony Six HD on your local cable but we are more into the live action online. As we all know our lives are already busy and people are always on the move. Online streaming channels are in great demand because of this as well as improvements in the local internet speeds. I will show you some of the best options to Sony Six HD live online without paying any fees.

Wicket TV

Wicket TV is no doubt the leader in Cricket streaming channels and one of my most favorite site to catch live cricket action. Most of the cricket streaming sites online are using streaming provided by the Wicket TV so chances are that streaming you are watching from other sites are coming from Wicket TV. Wicket TV provides live streaming feed of Sony Six HD, Star Sports 1, Sony ESPN, PTV Sports & Willow Cricket.

Wicket TV provides streaming options in both HD and SD. There is an option to switch between these modes and the most amazing thing about Wicket TV is that it’s streaming quality is really good and feed is stable. Its a very common thing in cricket streaming that when the game reach at a peak level streaming will go down but if you are watching cricket on Wicket TV then you are all covered.

I have been watching cricket on Wicket TV for years and this never happened a single time.


Cric1 is also a good cricket source but I would like to let you know that its a sister site of Wicket TV and I am damn sure they are taking a streaming feed from the Wicket TV. Their quality is also good but you may experience glitches now and then. Cric1 provides dedicated streaming of Sony Six HD Live.


Mylive cricket is another great source and I have bookmarked this site a few months back. Though it’s full of popunder, still the quality is good and you can rely on it. Mylive Cricket does not provide channel streaming but they are more focused on the event itself. So if there is a cricket match going on that is only available on Sony Six then chances are you will see Sony Six live feed but if it’s available on let’s say Star Sports1 then they will switch the channel with Star Sports 1.

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