Top 3 Websites to watch live cricket

There are tons of websites to watch live cricket but there are only few which provides you with the quality streaming. We are going to focus on the services which are free but we will definitely list some sites which provides top notch paid service.

Going for the paid service is a very good option but if you are a kind of person who dont like to or dont have budget to spend on live cricket streaming then we are going to show you how to watch cricket for free.


Crictime is one of the most old websites to watch live cricket. The best thing about crictime is that its specially made for mobile phones. If you are on the move and want to watch live cricket on your smart phones then crictime is the best thing ever. Moreover, its important to note that you wont get loads of pops unlike other services. Reason being is that crictime in affiliated with some services which makes it possible to watch quality cricket.

The Cricket feeds are fairly HD and they dont go down when its a peak hour. Its a very common thing in live cricket streaming sites to go down when match enters into the most interesting phase. Most of these websites do not have proper network backbones to serve number of visitors they get. But crictime is unlike all other junk and you can watch uninterrupted games.

Wicket TV

Wicket TV is around for several years now and i must admit that i know the Wicket TV owner personally. I am not listing Wicket TV because i know the owner but only because of the quality service they are providing. Few months back i was out of states and i wanted to watch live cricket game but none of the sites were working but Wicket TV. since then i am a big fan of this service and wanted to let you know as well. Wicket TV covers all most all international ODI, Test & T20 leagues. Whatever game is just login and start watching. Wicket TV somehow shares the same CDN service crictime. It might be possible that the owner is same but cant be certain on this thing.

Network capacity is the main thing that distinguish two streaming service and Wicket TV is one of the best in this thing. Morever, Its very easy to find the live game as they list it on their main navigation.

Cricketstream TV

When it comes to paid streaming then Cricketstream tv is the best service out there. Its even better than Hotstar because they you cannot watch all games while cricketsream TV makes it possible to watch all game. This thing make cricketstream one of the best service to watch live games. If you are in the States and are searching a reliable service to enjoy live cricket then Cricketstream TV is the best choice.


Let me know if you try any of the above service, having a honest and brutal reviews from our real visitors is very important for us. If you thing we have missed any of the quality service then please dont hesitate to get in touch. We would love to list something that is great and better than above options.

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