Wicket TV The No.1 Choice To Watch Cricket On Mobile

Today I came across an excellent Android app which let you watch live cricket streaming. It is so simple that you can believe it. It is the simplest to watch live streaming. Its name is Wicket TV, and you can search on the Google play store, but I will give its direct link at the end of the article.

Now you must be wondering why I am so excited by this tiny mobile app right? Well if you are a cricket fan, you must know that it’s tough to start a streaming app for cricket and there are tons of spam apps on the Google play store. If you open any mobile app, chances are streaming won’t be working or it’s buffering, and it’s full of advertisements.

I am not saying that there are no good options for cricket apps but they are not free or they are GEO limited. I used to watch cricket on Hot Star but since I discovered Wicket TV I have switched to it and the good thing is that it’s free.

When you download the Wicket TV app, you will see how small it is. And once you open it, you will see a list of cricket events with date and time. Now you can click on any of the cricket events to start streaming. The games are updated every day. The most important and point of this app is that it has very stable streams. Believe it or not, I have never seen this much reliable stream on a free app.

Its streams are specially optimized to work on mobile devices. Due to additional optimization, the streams will work smoothly on your mobile device. Your device won’t heat up.

If you want to download Wicket TV app, then you can search Wicket TV on the google app store or click on the link below to download it directly.

Download Wicket TV Mobile App

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